As NASA Has Selected The New Class of Astronauts, UCLA EPSS Alumni Jessica Watkins Gets Chosen Among The Newest People to Set Foot on The Moon

Former UCLA EPSS Graduate Student (under the direction of advisor Dr. An Yin also a fellow iPLEX member) has recently been selected by NASA’s new ARTEMIS Program to successfully land a man, and put the first woman on The Moon. Jessica’s strengths include working with Professor An Yin’s group working on planetary geology, more specifically, landslides on Valles Marineris (quite possibly, the DEEPEST chasm in the Solar System, and even bigger than the Grand Canyon!) Jessica Watkins also worked with the NASA Near-Earth Object Infrared Survey Explorer Mission (NEOWISE) currently observing asteroids and comets around the Solar System!

Read more about Dr. Jessica Watkins’ contributions to science, and the UCLA Institute for Planets and Exoplanets (iPLEX) here!

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