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Registration open for The Asteroid-Meteorite Connection Workshop at UCLA

Registration open for The Asteroid-Meteorite Connection Workshop at UCLA

April 8, 2016

Registration for The iPLEX-hosted Asteroid-Meteorite Connection Workshop has been extended to April 15th! The workshop will feature an international cast of scientists researching asteroids, meteorites and comets using several methods with the hope of achieving a more complete understanding of the formation and evolution of planetesimals in the early SolarRegistration open for The Asteroid-Meteorite Connection Workshop at UCLA

Upcoming Events

August  2016
Events on 08/08/16
  • 08/08/16 12:00pm
    JPL, 183-328
    JPL Mars Seminar
    Speaker: Jay Dickson (Caltech)
    Talk Title: Time-lapse Imaging of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Lessons for Exploring Gullies and Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/09/16
  • 08/09/16 3:30pm
    JPL, 180-101
    JPL Astrophysics Seminar
    Speaker: Laura Kerber (JPL)
    Talk Title: A Tour of the Planets: The Saturn System -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/12/16
  • 08/12/16 12:00pm
    JPL, 183-328
    JPL Mars Forum Seminar
    Speaker: Michael Bouchard (Washington Univ. St. Louis)
    Talk title: Missouri S&T’s Mars Rover Design Team: Engineering the Next Generation of Explorers, Humans and Rovers Alike -Calendar Link-
Events on August 22, 2016
  • 08/22/16 8:45am
    Caltech, Hameetman Auditiorium, Cahill Building
    Caltech Keck Institute for Space Studies Short Course
    Speakers: (1) Karl Stapelfeldt (JPL), (2) Jared Males (Univ. of Arizona) and Eric Cady (JPL), (3) Rob Fergus (New York Univ.)
    Talk Titles: (1) Exoplanet Direct Imaging Science, (2) Exoplanet High Contrasting Imaging Technologies, (3) An Overview of Machine Learning Approaches: Applications to Exoplanet Detection -Calendar Link-
Events on August 23, 2016
  • 08/23/16 12:00pm
    Caltech, 365 South Mudd, Room 162
    Caltech Yuk Lunch Seminar Series
    Speakers: (1) Tianhao Le, and (2) Stephen Markham (Caltech)
    Talk Titles: (1) The Atmospheric Radiation Model (TARM) for planetary atmosphere and its application, and (2) Excitation Mechanisms for Giant Planet Seismology -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/26/16
  • 08/26/16 1:00pm
    JPL, 183-328
    JPL Mars Forum Seminar
    Speaker: Kathryn Stack (JPL)
    Talk Title: “Walking the Outcrop” on Mars: Characterizing the Type Locality of the Basal Murray Formation of Mount Sharp with the MSL Curiosity Rover -Calendar Link-

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