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Discovery of "zebra stripes" in space by Yuri Shprits and Chris Russell

July 17, 2015

UCLA researcher Yuri Shprits, along with Prof. Chris Russell have observed the structure of plasma waves in the equatorial regions of near-Earth space. The waves, which have until now only been observed as noise, have a highly structured pattern reminiscent of a zebra pattern. The discovery is highly significant for satellites and humans in space, which can be harmed by the high-energy particles. To read the full press release, visit the UCLA Newsroom.Discovery of

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August  2015
Events on 08/03/15
  • 08/03/15 4:00pm
    JPL, von Karman Auditorium
    JPL Mars Forum Seminar
    Speaker: Janet Vertesi (Princeton Univ.)
    Talk Title: Seeing like a rover: Visualization, embodiment, and teamwork on the Mars Exploration Rover mission -Calendar Link-
Events on August 4, 2015
  • 08/04/15 12:00pm
    Caltech, 162 South Mudd
    Caltech Yuk Lunch Seminar
    Speaker: Yuk Yung and Mike Wong (Caltech)
    Talk Title: Photochemistry of Pluto and Titan -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/05/15
  • 08/05/15 8:00pm-9:00pm
    UCLA Planetarium, 8224 Math Sciences Building
    UCLA Planetarium Show
    Special Topic: TBD More Info: http://www.astro.ucla.edu/planetarium/ -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/10/15
  • 08/10/15 4:00pm
    JPL, 183-328
    JPL Planetary Science Seminar
    Speaker: Natalia Pascual (The Open Univ.)
    Talk Title: Nano-structured Surfaces as Model Interstellar Dust Surfaces for Laboratory Astrochemistry -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/11/15
  • 08/11/15 12:00pm
    Caltech, 162 South Mudd
    Caltech Yuk Lunch Seminar
    Speaker: Kenneth Williford (JPL)
    Talk Title: Looking for Life on Mars (on Earth) -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/13/15
  • 08/13/15 12:00pm
    JPL, 180-101
    JPL Postdoc Seminar Series
    Speaker: Corey J. Cochrane (NASA Postdoctoral Fellow)
    Talk Title: Planetary Magnetic Field Sensing via “Defective” Silicon Carbide Microelectronics -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/14/15
  • 08/14/15 1:00pm
    JPL, 183-328
    JPL Mars Forum
    Speaker: Yang Liu (JPL)
    Talk Title: Rare-earth minerals in Martian meteorite NWA 7034/7533: Implication for water activities in Martian crust -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/17/15
  • 08/17/15 11:00am
    JPL, 233-305E
    JPL Earth Science Seminar
    Speaker: Jay Herman (NASA/Joint Ctr. for Earth Systems Tech./Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County)
    Talk Title: Is a Million Miles from Earth Far Away? A new Viewpoint for Images and Science -Calendar Link-
  • 08/17/15 12:00pm
    JPL, 169-336
    JPL Astrophysics Seminar
    Speaker: Colin Cunningham (Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)
    Talk Title: The UK Instrumentation and Adaptive Optics Programme for the European Southern Observatory -Calendar Link-
  • 08/17/15 3:00pm
    JPL, 321-127
    JPL Mars Intern Presentations
    Agenda: 3:00 - 3:30: "Gully formation within the martian north polar erg", Amanda Allen and Tyler Perez 3:30 - 4:15: "Mars Data Analysis: The Importance of Georeferencing to the InSight Mission Landing Site Selection", April Davis "Mars Data Analysis: CTX Georeferencing using ArcGIS”, Claire Schwartz "Mars Data Analysis: HiRISE Georeferencing using ArcGIS”, Michelle Wray 4:15 - 4:30: "Modeling Venus Gravity", Steve Tomlinson 4:30 - 4:45: "Mars Sample Return: Landing Site Selection, Sample Preservation, and Return Orbiter Mission Concept", Ben Migirditch -Calendar Link-
Events on August 18, 2015
  • 08/18/15 12:00pm
    Caltech, 162 South Mudd
    Caltech Yuk Lunch Seminar
    Speaker: Bin Guan (JPL)
    Talk Title: Atmospheric Rivers and Climate Variability: Regional and Global Connections -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/20/15
  • 08/20/15 12:00pm
    JPL, 169-336
    JPL Astrophysics Seminar
    Speaker: Mark Heyer (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst)
    Talk Title: MHD Turbulence within Molecular Clouds -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/24/15
  • 08/24/15 8:00am
    Caltech, Lees-Kubota Lecture Hall, Guggenheim Building
    Caltech Keck Institute for Space Studies Short Course: Using In-Situ Resources for 3D Additive Construction in Space
    Speakers: (1) Rob Mueller (NASA/Kennedy Space Ctr); (2) Phil Metzger (Univ. of Central Florida); (3) A. Scott Howe (JPL/Caltech); (4) Brian Wilcox (JPL/Caltech)
    Talk Titles: (1) Space Environments and Planetary Civil Engineering; (2) Material Properties of Regolith and Other Materials Available on the Moon, Mars and Asteroids for 3D Additive Construction; (3) Space Architecture; (4) Introduction to Robotics for 3D Additive Construction -Calendar Link-
  • 08/24/15 12:00pm
    JPL, 169-336
    JPL Astrophysics Seminar
    Speaker: Avi Shporer (JPL)
    Talk Title: Science with Orbital Phase Curves in the Space Age -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/25/15
  • 08/25/15 2:00pm
    JPL, 233-305E
    JPL Atmospheric Chemistry, Dynamics and Radiation Seminar Series
    Speaker: Tim Myers (Scripps Inst. of Oceanography)
    Talk Title: Investigating the Variability of Subtropical Marine Boundary Layer Clouds in Observations and Climate Models -Calendar Link-
Events on August 27, 2015
  • 08/27/15 8:00pm
    Caltech, Beckman Auditorium
    Caltech Keck Institute for Space Studies
    Speaker: Don Pettit (Johnson Space Ctr.)
    Talk Title: Tyranny of the Rocket Equation -Calendar Link-
Events on 08/28/15
  • 08/28/15 11:00am
    JPL, 233-305E
    JPL Atmopsheric Seminar
    Speaker: Nadir Jeevanjee (UC Berkeley)
    Talk Title: Archimedes revisited: Rethinking buoyancy for a better understanding of convective dynamics -Calendar Link-
  • 08/28/15 1:00pm
    JPL, 183-328
    JPL Mars Forum
    Speaker: Michael Mischna (JPL)
    Talk Title: Orbit-Spin Coupling and Predicting Global Dust Storms on Mars -Calendar Link-

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