Below is a list of UCLA planetary science research papers not yet published. Only refereed papers are included (no abstracts). If you have papers that you feel should be included, please use the contact form.



Jewitt, D., Agarwal, J., Weaver, H., et al. (). Sporadic Mass Loss from Active Asteroid P/2013 P5, submitted.

Lawson, M.J., Daniels, J.T.M., and Rhodes, E.J. (2014). Assessing Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) signal contamination within small aliquots and single grain measurements utilizing the composition test. Quaternary International, in press.

Marchi, S., Bottke, W.F., O’Brien, D.P., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (). Small crater populations on Vesta. Planetary and Space Science, accepted.

Margot, J.-L. (2014). No Evidence of Purported Lunar Effect on Hospital Admission Rates or Birth Rates. Nursing Research, in press.

Naidu, S.P., and Margot, J.-L. (). Near-Earth Asteroid Satellite Spins Under Spin-Orbit Coupling, eprint arXiv, submitted.

Qi., C., Hogerheijde, M., Jewitt, D., et al. (). Peculiar Near-Nucleus Outgassing of Comet 17P/Holmes During its 2007 Outburst, submitted.

Scully, J.E.C., Yin, A.Russell, C.T., et al. (2014). Geomorphology and structural geology of Saturnalia Fossae and adjacent structures in the northern hemisphere of Vesta. Icarus, in press.

Vincent, J.-B., Schenk, P., Nathues, A., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (). Crater depth-to-diameter distribution properties of (4) Vesta. Planetary and Space Sciences, in press.

Williams, D.A., O’Brien, D.P., Schenk, P.M., et al. (Scully, J.E.C., and Russell, C.T.) (2013). Lobate and flow-like features on asteroid Vesta. Planetary and Space Science, in press.