Below is a list of UCLA planetary science research papers not yet published. Only refereed papers are included (no abstracts). If you have papers that you feel should be included, please use the contact form.


Baines, K.H., Atreya, S.K., Bullock M.A., et al. (Russell C.T., and Schubert, G.) (). The atmospheres of the terrestrial planets: Clues to the origins and early evolution of Venus, Earth, and Mars, in Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets, S.J. Mackwell, et al. (eds.), p. 137–160, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, in press.

Curren, I.S., and Bird, P. (2014). Formation and suppression of strike-slip fault systems. Pure and Applied Geophysics Special Publication: Properties and processes of crustal fault zones, in press.

Foster, J.C., Erickson, P.J., Baker, D.N., et al. (Shprits, Y.Y.) (2014). Prompt energization of relativistic and highly relativistic electrons during a substorm interval: Van Allen Probes observations. Geophysical Research Letters, accepted.

Frewen, S.F.N., and Hansen, B.M.S. (2014). Eccentric Planets and Stellar Evolution as a Cause of Polluted White Dwarfs, Monthly Noticies of the Royal Astronomical Society, accepted.

Jura, M., and Young, E.D. (). Extrasolar Cosmochemistry. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 42, accepted.

Kite, E., Williams, J.-P., Lucas, A., et al. (2014). Paleopressure of the Martian atmosphere estimated from the size distribution of ancient craters, Nature Geoscience, accepted.

Liu, J., Angelopoulos, V., ZhouX.-Z., et al. (Runov, A.) (2014). Magnetic flux transport by dipolarizing flux bundles, Journal of Geophysical Research, accepted.

Marchi, S., Bottke, W.F., O’Brien, D.P., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (). Small crater populations on Vesta. Planetary and Space Science, accepted.

Padovan, S., Margot, J.-L., Hauck II, S.A., et al. (2014). The tides of Mercury and possible implications for its interior structure. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, accepted.

Scully, J.E.C., Yin, A.Russell, C.T., et al. (2014). Geomorphology and structural geology of Saturnalia Fossae and adjacent structures in the northern hemisphere of Vesta. Icarus, in press.

Vincent, J.-B., Schenk, P., Nathues, A., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (). Crater depth-to-diameter distribution properties of (4) Vesta. Planetary and Space Sciences, in press.

Wasson, J.T., and Rubin, A.E. (2014). Absence of matrix-like chondrule rims in CR2 LAP 02342. Meteoritics and Plaetnary Science, in press.

Williams, D.A., O’Brien, D.P., Schenk, P.M., et al. (Scully, J.E.C., and Russell, C.T.) (2013). Lobate and flow-like features on asteroid Vesta. Planetary and Space Science, in press.

Williams, J.-P., Pathare, A.V., and Aharonson, O. (2014). The production of small primary craters on Mars and the Moon. Icarus, accepted.

Zhou, X.-Z., Angelopoulos, V.Liu, J., et al. (Runov, A., and Li, S.-S.) (2014) On the origin of pressure and magnetic perturbations ahead of dipolarization fronts. Journal of Geophysical Research, in press.