I’m at UCLA working on planet or exoplanet research.  Can I be added to the list?

All students, researchers, and visiting scientists involved in applicable research at UCLA can be included as iPLEX members.  To be added to the membership roster, fill out this form.

How can I update or change my contact information or picture in the iPLEX directory?

Send an e-mail with the information you’d like updated to iplex [at] epss.ucla.edu and we will confirm once it’s been changed (usually within one week).


Where is the iPLEX office and how do I get there?

The iPLEX office is located on the UCLA campus in Slichter Hall 3839.  For a map, directions, and information regarding parking and lodging visit this page.

When is the next academic seminar?

iPLEX maintains a detailed event calendar that lists planet-related talks at UCLA and in the Los Angeles area.  In addition, a listing of upcoming iPLEX talks is posted here.

I’m a scientist at another institution. Can I visit iPLEX and/or give an iPLEX seminar?

iPLEX encourages scientists from other institutions to visit and give talks as scheduling permits. Please contact us at iplex [at] epss.ucla.edu if you are interested.


When is the next iPLEX or UCLA science outreach event?

The iPLEX outreach page and the iPLEX calendar both list upcoming dates for education and public outreach events.

I’m an iPLEX member. How can I become involved in outreach at UCLA?

iPLEX is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to share planetary research with students and members of the public.  Whether you are interested in spending one hour building comets with schoolchildren or helping design new hands-on activities, we are happy to help find a way for you to be involved. Please contact us at iplex [at] epss.ucla.edu for more information.

I’m a K-12 educator in the Los Angeles area.  Is it possible to partner with iPLEX for an in-classroom visit or field trip to UCLA?

Absolutely!  iPLEX is actively seeking educator partners in the Los Angeles area.  Please visit our outreach page and fill out an application to start planning an event with us.


What is UCLA Planets and when will the next issue be published?

UCLA Planets is a magazine published yearly by iPLEX. Planets features engaging articles written for a general audience about the state-of-the-art planet and exoplanet research happening at UCLA.  Planets is published in the Fall at the start of the academic year.

Can my research/student/lab be featured in next UCLA Planets?

While we can’t guarantee it, we are constantly looking for articles to write and encourage you to drop us a line at iplex [at] epss.ucla.edu .  Our articles typically cover a recent discovery that might be of interest to the general public, the general work of a lab at UCLA, or a profile of a student or faculty member working in the field of planets or exoplanets.

Is UCLA Planets free?  Where can I get a copy?

Hard copies of UCLA Planets are available for free in the iPLEX office (Slichter Hall 3839).  Stop by anytime to pick one up.  Alternatively, check out the electronic edition, which includes links to videos and lab websites.

Will you mail me a copy?

We aren’t able to accommodate all individual requests, but we hope you’ll enjoy our electronic edition.  We are happy to make exceptions for educational institutions to provide resources for the next generation of researchers.  If you are an educator or career adviser at a school or university, contact us at iplex [at] epss.ucla.edu and we’ll get the magazines in the mail.  Please be sure to include your name, title, address, institution, and the approximate number of students you serve.

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