Below is a list of UCLA planetary science research papers not yet published. Only refereed papers are included (no abstracts). If you have papers that you feel should be included, please use the contact form.



Benner, L.A.M., Busch, M.W., Giorgini, J.D., et al. (Margot, J.-L.) (2015) Radar Observations of Near-Earth and Main-Belt Asteroids, in Asteroids IV, in press.

Greenberg, A., and Margot, J.-L. (). Improved Algorithms for Radar-Based Reconstruction of Asteroid Shapes. Astronomical Journal, submitted.

Margot, J.-L.. Insufficient Evidence of Purported Lunar Effect on Pollination in Ephedra. Journal of Biological Rhythms, in press.

Margot, J.-L., Pravec, P., Taylor, P., et al. (). Asteroid Systems: Binaries, Triples, and Pairs, in Asteroids IV, in press.

Naidu, S.P., Margot, J.-L., P. A. Taylor, et al. (). Radar Imaging and Characterization of Binary Near-Earth Asteroid (185851) 2000 DP107. Astronomical Journal, submitted.

Peale, S.J., Margot, J.L., Hauck, II, S.A., et al. (). Consequences of a solid inner core on Mercury’s spin configuration. Icarus, submitted.

Stark, A., Oberst, J., Preusker, F., et al. (Margot, J.-L.) (2015). Mercury’s rotational parameters from MESSENGER image and laser altimetry data: A feasibility study. Planetary and Space Science, in press.

Qi., C., Hogerheijde, M., Jewitt, D., et al. (). Peculiar Near-Nucleus Outgassing of Comet 17P/Holmes During its 2007 Outburst, submitted.








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