2011 Papers

Below is a list of UCLA planetary science research papers published in 2011. Only refereed papers are included (no abstracts). If you have papers that you feel should be included, please use the contact form.


Arridge, C.S., André, N., Khurana, K.K., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (2011). Periodic motion of Saturn’s nightside plasma sheet. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(A11), A11205.

Arridge, C.S., André, N., McAndrews, H.J., et al. (Khurana, K.K., Leisner, J.S., and Russell, C.T.) (2011). Mapping Magnetospheric Equatorial regions at Saturn from Cassini prime mission observations. Space Science Reviews, 164(1-4), p. 1 – 83.

Aurnou, J.M., and Aubert, J. (2011). End-member models of boundary-modulated convective dynamos. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 187(3), p. 353-363.

Bandfield, J.L., Ghent, R.R., Vasavada, A.R., et al. (Paige, D.A.) (2011). Lunar surface rock abundance and regolith fines temperatures derived from LRO Diviner Radiometer data. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(E00), E00H02.

Belton, M., Meech, J.S., Chesley, S., et al. (Drahus, M.) (2011). Stardust-NExT, Deep Impact, and the accelerating spin of 9P/Tempel 1. Icarus, 213(1), p. 345-368.

Bieryla, A., Parker, J.Wm., Young, E.F., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (2011). A Search for Satellites around Ceres. The Astronomical Journal, 141(6), 197.

Boley, A., Helled, R., and Payne, M. (2011). The Heavy Element Composition of Disk Instability Planets Can Range From Sub- to Super-Nebular. The Astrophysical Journal, 735(1), 30.

Brozović, M., Benner, L.A.M., Taylor, P.A., et al. (Fang, J., Margot, J.-L., and Busch, M.) (2011). Radar and optical observations and physical modeling of triple near-Earth Asteroid (136617) 1994 CC. Icarus, 216(1), p. 241-256.

Busch, M., Ostro, S.J., Benner, L.A.M., et al. (Margot, J.-L.) (2011). Radar observations and the shape of near-Earth asteroid 2008 EV5. Icarus, 212(2), p. 649-660.

Cao, H., Russell, C.T., Christensen, U.R., et al. (2011). Saturn’s very axisymmetric magnetic field: No detectable secular variation or tilt. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 304(1-2), p. 22-28.

Cao, Y., Fovell, R.G. and Corbosiero, K.L. (2011). Tropical cyclone track and structure sensitivity to initialization in idealized simulations: A preliminary study. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 22(6), p. 559-578.

DeMeo, F.E., Carry, B., Marchis, F., et al. (Busch, M.) (2011). A spectral comparison of (379) Huenna and its satellite. Icarus, 212(2), p. 677-681.

Dohm, J.M., Miyamoto, H., Ori, G.G., et al. (Williams, J.-P.) (2011). An inventory of potentially habitable environments on Mars: Geological and biological perspectives, in Garry, W.B., and Bleacher, J.E. (eds.), Analogs for Planetary Exploration: Geological Society of America Special Paper, 483, p. 317–347.

Drahus, M., Jewitt, D., Guilbert-Lepoutre, A., et al. (2011). Rotation State of Comet 103P/Hartley 2 from Radio Spectroscopy at 1-mm. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 734(1), L4.

Dyl, K.A., Simon, J.I., and Young, E.D. (2011). Valence state of titanium in the Wark-Lovering rim of a Leoville CAI as a record of progressive oxidation in the early Solar Nebula. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75(3), p. 937-949.

Fang, J., Margot, J.-L., Brozović, M., et al. (2011). Orbits of Near-Earth Asteroid Triples 2001 SN263 and 1994 CC: Properties, Origin, and Evolution. The Astronomical Journal, 141(5), 154.

Glotch, T.D., Hagerty, J.J., Lucey, P.G., et al. (Williams, J.-P., and Paige, D.A.) (2011). The Mairan domes: Silicic volcanic constructs on the Moon. Geophysical Research Letters, 38(21), L21204.

Greenwood, J.P., Itoh, S., Sakamoto, N., et al. (Warren, P.) (2011). Hydrogen isotope ratios in lunar rocks indicate delivery of cometary water to the Moon. Nature Geoscience, 4(2), p. 79-82.

Guilbert-Lepoutre, A. (2011). A Thermal Evolution Model of Centaur 10199 Chariklo. The Astronomical Journal, 141(3), 103.

Guilbert-Lepoutre, A., and Jewitt, D. (2011). Thermal Shadows and Compositional Structure in Comet Nuclei. The Astrophysical Journal, 743(1), 31.

Guilbert-Lepoutre, A., Lasue, J., Federico, C., et al. (2011). New 3D thermal evolution model for icy bodies: application to trans-Neptunian objects. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 529, A71.

Halekas, J.S., Angelopoulos, V., Sibeck, D.G., et al. (Khurana, K.K., and Russell, C.T.) (2011). First Results from ARTEMIS, a New Two-Spacecraft Lunar Mission: Counter-Streaming Plasma Populations in the Lunar Wake. Space Science Reviews, 165(1-4), p. 93 – 107.

Heber, V.S., Wiens, R.C., Jurewicz, A.J.G., et al. (McKeegan, K.D.) (2011). Isotopic and elemental fractionation of solar wind implanted in the Genesis concentrator target characterized and quantified by noble gases. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 46(4), p. 493-512.

Helled, R. (2011). Jupiter’s Occultation Radii: Implications for its Internal Dynamics. Geophysical Research Letters, 38(8), L08204.

Helled, R. (2011). Constraining Saturn’s Core Properties by a Measurement of Its Moment of Inertia—Implications to the Cassini Solstice Mission. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 735(1), L16.

Helled, R., Anderson, J.D., Podolak, M., and Schubert, G. (2011). Interior Models of Uranus and Neptune. The Astrophysical Journal, 726(1), 15.

Helled, R., Anderson, J.D., Schubert, G., et al. (2011). Jupiter’s moment of inertia: A possible determination by Juno. Icarus, 216(2), p. 440-448.

Hickey, M.P., Walterscheid, R.L., and Schubert, G. (2011). Gravity wave heating and cooling of the thermosphere: Sensible heat flux and viscous flux of kinetic energy. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(A12), A12326.

Hsieh, H.H., Ishiguro, M., Lacerda, P., and Jewitt, D. (2011). Physical Properties of Main-belt Comet 176P/LINEAR. The Astronomical Journal, 142(1), 29.

Jewitt, D., Stuart, S., and Li, J. (2011). Prediscovery Observations of Disrupting Asteroid P/2010 A2. The Astronomical Journal, 142(1), 28.

Jewitt, D., Weaver, H., Mutchler, M., et al. (2011). Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Main Belt Comet (596) Scheila. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 733(1), L4.

Jia, Y.-D., Russell, C.T., Khurana, K.K., et al. (Wei, H.Y., and Ma, Y.J.) (2011). Cassini magnetometer observations over the Enceladus poles. Geophysical Research Letters, 38(19), L19109.

Jura, M. (2011). An Upper Bound to the Space Density of Interstellar Comets. The Astronomical Journal, 141(5), 155.

Khurana, K.K., Jia, X., Kivelson, M.G., et al. (Schubert, G., and Russell, C.T.) (2011). Evidence of a Global Magma Ocean in Io’s Interior. Science, 332(6034), p. 1186.

Klein, B., Jura, M., Koester, D., and Zuckerman, B. (2011). Rocky Extrasolar Planetary Compositions Derived from Externally Polluted White Dwarfs. The Astrophysical Journal, 741(1), 64.

Koch, F.E., and Hansen, B.M.S. (2011). On collisional capture rates of irregular satellites around the gas-giant planets and the minimum mass of the solar nebula. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 416(2), p. 1274-1283.

Leisner, J.S., Russel, C.T., Wei, H.Y., et al. (2011). Probing Saturn’s ion-cyclotron waves on high-inclination orbits: Lessons for wave generation. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(A9), A09235.

Li, J., Jewitt, D., Clover, J., et al. (2011). Outburst of Comet 17P/Holmes Observed with the Solar Mass Ejection Imager. The Astrophysical Journal, 728(1), 31.

Li, J.-Y., Bodewits, D., Feaga, L.M., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (2011). Ultraviolet spectroscopy of asteroid (4) Vesta. Icarus, 216(2), p. 640 – 649.

Li, J.-Y., Thomas, P.C., Carcich, B., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (2011). Improved measurement of Asteroid (4) Vesta’s rotational axis orientation. Icarus, 211(1), p. 528 – 534.

Ma, Y.J., Russell, C.T., Nagy, A.F., et al. (2011). The importance of thermal electron heating in Titan’s ionosphere: Comparison with Cassini T34 flyby. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(A10), A10213.

Magri, C., Howell, E.S., Nolan, M.C., et al. (Busch, M., and Margot, J.-L.) (2011). Radar and photometric observations and shape modeling of contact binary near-Earth Asteroid (8567) 1996 HW1. Icarus, 214( 1), p. 210-227.

McKeegan, K.D., Kallio, A.P.A., Heber, V.S., et al. (Jarzebinski, G., Mao, P.H., Coath, C.D., and Kunihiro, T.) (2011). The Oxygen Isotopic Composition of the Sun Inferred from Captured Solar Wind. Science, 332(6037), p. 1528-1532.

Melis, C., Farihi, J., Dufour, P., et al. (Zuckerman, B.) (2011). Accretion of a Terrestrial-like Minor Planet by a White Dwarf. The Astrophysical Journal, 732(2), 90.

Murray-Clay, R.A., and Schlichting, H. (2011). Using Kuiper Belt Binaries to Constrain Neptune’s Migration History. The Astrophysical Journal, 730(2), 132.

Parish, H.F., Schubert, G., Covey, C., et al. (2011). Decadal variations in a Venus general circulation model. Icarus, 212(1), p. 42-65.

Petitat, M., Marrochhi, Y., McKeegan, K.D., et al. (2011). 53Mn-53Cr ages of Kaidun carbonates.  Meteoritics and  Planetary Science, 46(2), p. 275-283.

Rojo, P., and Margot, J.-L. (2011). Mass and Density of the B-type Asteroid (702) Alauda. The Astrophysical Journal, 727(2), 69.

Rubin, A. (2011). Origin of the differences in refractory-lithophile-element abundances among chondrite groups. Icarus, 213(2), p. 547-558.

Rubin, A., and Wasson, J. (2011). Shock effects in EH6 enstatite chondrites and implications 3 for collisional heating of the EH and EL parent asteroids. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75(13), p. 3757-3780.

Ruiz, J., McGovern, P.J., Jiménez-Díaz, A., et al. (Williams, J.-P.) (2011). The thermal evolution of Mars as constrained by paleo-heat flows. Icarus, 215(2), p. 508-517.

Rumble, D. III, Young, E.D., Shahar, A., et al. (2011). Stable isotope cosmochemistry and the evolution of planetary systems. Elements, 7(1), p. 23-28.

Russell, C.T., and Raymond, C.A. (2011). The Dawn Mission to Vesta and Ceres. Space Science Reviews, 163(1-4), p. 3 – 23.

Russell, C.T., and Raymond, C.A. (2011). Foreword, The Dawn Mission to minor planets 4 Vesta and 1 Ceres. Space Science Reviews, 164(1-4), p. 1 – 2.

Russell, C.T., Strangeway, R.J., Daniels, J.T.M., et al. (Wei, H.Y.) (2011). Venus lightning: Comparison with terrestrial lightning. Planetary and Space Science, 59(10), p. 965 – 973.

Santolik, O., Gurnett, D.A., Jones, G.H., et al. (Russell, C.T.) (2011). Intense plasma wave emissions associated with Saturn’s moon Rhea. Geophysical Research Letters, 38(19), L19204.

Schlichting, H., and Chang, P. (2011). Warm Saturns: On the Nature of Rings around Extrasolar Planets That Reside inside the Ice Line. The Astrophysical Journal, 734(2), 117.

Schlichting, H., and Sari, R. (2011). Runaway Growth During Planet Formation: Explaining the Size Distribution of Large Kuiper Belt Objects. The Astrophysical Journal, 728(1), 68.

Schriver, D., Trávníček, P., Ashour-Abdalla, M., et al. (Richard, R.L.) (2011). Electron Transport and Precipitation at Mercury: Implications for Electron-Stimulated Desorption. Planetary and Space Science, 59(15), p. 2026-2036.

Schubert, G., Anderson, J., Zhang, K., et al. (Helled, R.) (2011). Shapes and gravitational fields of rotating two-layer Maclaurin ellipsoids: Application to planets and satellites. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 187(3), p. 364-379.

Schubert, G., and Soderlund, K. M. (2011) Planetary magnetic fields: Observations and models. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 187(3), p. 92-108.

Shahar, A., Hillgren, V.J., Young, E.D., et al. (Macris, C.A.) (2011). High-temperature Si isotope fractionation between iron metal and silicate. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75(23), p. 7688-7697.

Siegler, M.A., Bills, B.G., and Paige, D.A. (2011). Effects of orbital evolution on lunar ice stability. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(E3), E03010.

Taylor, P.A., and Margot, J.-L. (2011). Binary asteroid systems: Tidal end states and estimates of material properties. Icarus, 212(2), p. 661-676.

Tubiana, C., Boehnhardt, H., Agarwal, J., et al. (Drahus, M.) (2011). 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at large heliocentric distance. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 527, A113.

Vogt, M. F., Kivelson, M.G., Khurana, K.K., et al. (Walker, R.J., and Bonfolnd, B.) (2011) Improved mapping of Jupiter’s auroral features to magnetospheric sources. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(A3), A03220.

Wasson, J.T. (2011). Relationship between iron-meteorite composition and size: Compositional distribution of irons from North Africa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75(7), p. 1757-1772.

Wei, H.Y., Russell, C.T., Dougherty, M.K., et al. (Ma, Y.J.) (2011). Unusually strong magnetic fields in Titan’s ionosphere: T42 case study. Advances in Space Research, 48(2), p. 314 – 322.

Wei, H.Y., Russell, C.T., Zhang, T.L., et al. (2011). Comparative study of ion cyclotron waves at Mars, Venus and Earth. Planetary and Space Science, 59(10), p. 1039 – 1047.

Went, D.R., Kivelson, M.G., Achilleos, N., et al. (2011). Outer magnetospheric structure: Jupiter and Saturn compared. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(A4), A04224.

Williams, J.-P., Ruiz, J., Rosenburg, M.A., et al. (2011). Insolation driven variations of Mercury’s lithospheric strength. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116(E1), E01008.

Yang, B., and Jewitt, D. (2011). A Near-infrared Search for Silicates in Jovian Trojan Asteroids. The Astronomical Journal, 141(3), 95.

Young, E.D., Gounelle, M., Smith, R.A., et al. (2011). Astronomical oxygen isotopic evidence for supernova enrichment of the solar system birth environment by propagating star formation. The Astrophysical Journal, 729(1), 43.

Zuckerman, B., Koester, D., Dufour, P., et al. (Klein, B., and Jura, M.) (2011). An Aluminum/Calcium-rich, Iron-poor, White Dwarf Star: Evidence for an Extrasolar Planetary Lithosphere? The Astrophysical Journal, 739(2), 101.

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