iPLEX MUST Fellows

The 2016-2017 iPLEX Macau University of Science & Technology (MUST) Fellows

The Institute for Planets and Exoplanets has signed an international collaboratory effort to bring expert scientists from the Macau Institute of Science & Technology (MUST) to meet, interact, and work alongside scientists at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in order to foster growth among varying scientific fields and strengthen partnership amongst the scientific community.


UCLA Fall 2016 Quarter (Sept-Dec ’16): Pictured (left): Lianghai Xi, (middle): Dr. David Jewitt, (right): Guoping Hu

Version 2

UCLA Winter 2017 Quarter (Jan-Mar ’17): Pictured (left): Xiaojun Xu (mid-left): Dr. David Jewitt, (mid-right): Dr. Jing Li, (right): Dongdong Ni


UCLA Spring 2017 Quarter (Apr-Jun ’17): Pictured (left): Yi Xu, (right): Xiaoping Zhang

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