The UCLA Institute for Planets and Exoplanets helps host several large science outreach events for the general public and organizes multiple K-12 classroom visits each year.  Exploring Your Universe, our most popular science outreach event held on campus every November, routinely draws thousands of participants.  Our goal is to bring the exciting world of planetary research to the local community and to help educate the next generation of UCLA planetary scientists. For more information about upcoming iPLEX outreach events, explore the menu options.

iPLEX works together with UCLA’s AstronomyLive! to plan and coordinate outreach events across the Los Angeles area.  To learn more about AstronomyLive! visit their website.



“…I now write to express my admiration at your personnel (mostly graduate or undergraduate students I believe) at their patience with which his enquiries were dealt with, and their enthusiasm for their subjects. I believe that my University runs a similar outreach programme, and can only hope that young people attending their events are given such an exciting, informative and enjoyable experience as was my grandson and his grandfather.” – Dr. Michael Ward (Oxford University)

“…My family was more than impressed by all the educational hands-on exhibits, but felt empowered by each volunteer who responded to us age 5-40 with respect and genuine interest in imparting knowledge.! You volunteers fanned the flames of curiosity my family! has over space, earth and the forces that rule the universe.! A day later, we are still ‘high’ off the experience.” – A Mother of EYU participants

 “It was SO cool! My favorite activity was making fossils.” – Young EYU Participant

“My kids and I went to a planetarium show at EYU on Sunday and we loved it!  My husband and I are both Bruins and we love to support UCLA so we made a donation to support the Planetarium as soon as we got home.”  – Debra Xanthos (Culver City)

“I had the pleasure of attending EYU. To my eyes it was an unqualified success. Great work all around!” – Dean Joseph Rudnick (UCLA Division of Physical Sciences)

“Our family enjoyed the Explore Your Universe yesterday. We also took two other kids and it was one of the best field trips that was engaging, cool with fun discoveries. We thank everyone that volunteered and organized this event. Proud to be UCLA faculty.” – Myung Hee (UCLA Performing Arts)

“I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was totally awesome, we had almost a 100 students participate in the exhibition of the demos and they really loved it. Mr. & Mrs. Masongsong and Ellen and Jerry were just excellent. We hope to see you all next year and to possibly adding more demos and students for the next event.” – LaTricia Scott (ASES Site Coordinator, Kelly Elementary)

“UCLA is the best place ever!” and “For me, this is the best field trip ALL YEAR!” – Paseo del Rey Students

“Thank you for making our experience at UCLA so amazing!!! The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Everything from the tour of the gallery to the student panel to the mini tour to the Bruin Bear was memorable.  The students really enjoyed speaking to the undergraduate and graduate students to learn about their experiences.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” – Micki Clowney (Director of Upward Bound Math and Science, Moreno Valley College)

“OMG, everyone LOVED the presentations last Friday! Several kids were inspired to become astronauts after visiting the room.  We would love to have iPLEX visit Nora Sterry again.” – Christy Palodichuk (UCLA Women’s Cancer Anemia Melanoma (WAM) Team, Nora Sterry Elementary Parent), 2014

“Thank you again for volunteering at our school.  The teachers and students LOVED it!”

“We can’t thank-you enough for your participation in SLAM night!  The volunteers were absolutely fantastic. Everyone had a blast learning a ton!” – Christy Palodichuk (UCLA Women’s Cancer Anemia Melanoma (WAM) Team, Nora Sterry Elementary Parent), 2015

“We are so grateful for iPLEX for volunteering at our school’s annual science event!  We’re a public school, and most school assemblies or demonstrations that grab kids’ interest are for-profit companies.  We can’t do it.  But with the help of iPLEX, our “Science Slam” had some great exhibits that really capture our kids’ attention.  The volunteers are so patient and knowledgeable.  There’s a quote attributed to Einstein saying that to know a subject in science, you must be able to explain it to a 6-year old.  These guys clearly can!  They had a demo of vortices and used it to explain whirlpools as well as the red spot on Jupiter.  The electricity and magnetism demo brought abstract concepts home for children, who need more than a lecture.  Thank you iPLEX, and we hope to partner with you long into the future!” -Sarah S. (Parent at Warner Ave School and Slam chair)


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