UCLA Professor David Jewitt Leading New Studies on The Second Interstellar Visitor to Our Solar System

UCLA Professor Dr. David Jewitt is at the forefront of the newest study on an interstellar comet visiting the solar system. While you may remember that ‘Oumuamua (A/2017 U1 & aka 1/I ‘Oumuamua) passed into the solar system in 2017, a recent discovery by Gennadiy Borisov suggests this object is completely unbounded to the Sun with an eccentricity of ~3.5 and is the first interstellar comet, ever detected. This suggests a highly energetic object, unbound to the Sun which may have came from another planetary system.

In a new Popular Mechanics Article (c.f. https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/deep-space/a29091084/comet-photos-2019/) , Dr. Jewitt mentioned: “The most excellent thing about these objects is the number of them”

“We’ll detect more of them as time goes on,” he says. “It’s already good that we got the second [comet] pretty much on schedule.”

This suggests more of these objects are able to be detected by our instruments on the Earth, and in space.

The future looks promising for Planetary Science as well as welcoming more and more of these interstellar visitors to our own solar system.

In the days to come, we will learn more about the composition of volatiles coming from comets in other systems, as well as our our solar system from researchers at UCLA, and all over the world leading the way.

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