UCLA scientists attend the 47th annual American Astronomical Society’s Division of Planetary Science meeting

DPS_2015Direct from the 2015 Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland, pictured is a small fraction of UCLA’s EPSS students and researchers from the Jewitt and Margot Research Groups; (left to right) Man-To Hui, Ariel Graykowski, Danielle Hastings, Ashok Verma, Dave Milewski, Oliver Bowman, and Adam Greenberg, with 3 posters and 2 talks:

107.05. Mercury’s gravity field, tidal Love number k2, and spin axis orientation revealed with MESSENGER radio tracking data
307.04. Improved Algorithms for Radar-Based Reconstruction of Asteroid Spin States and Shapes
308.20. A systematic search for undiscovered companions to near-Earth asteroids in radar images
415.18. Gone in a Blaze of Glory: the Demise of Comet C/2015 D1 (SOHO)
508.10. The Surprisingly Short Rotation Period of Hi’iaka, Haumea’s Largest Satellite

A warm congratulations to the UCLA planetary scientists who participated in the conference!

Full abstracts can be found here:


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