iPLEX Presents Science Education Program at AGU

2014 AGU Poster - iPLEX EducationAt the 2014 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, more than 24,000 students and researchers met to discuss topics in the Earth and Space Sciences.  However, the latest scientific discoveries were not the only issues presented.  iPLEX’s own Ivy Curren shared our organization’s recent innovations in science education and outreach that include streamlining the process of scheduling community outreach events and keeping better tabs on UCLA volunteers through online forms and databases.  Informal and formal educators can easily access the outreach hub of the iPLEX website in order to request an outreach event for their school or organization, find out more about upcoming public events, or find resources to help them create their own hands-on planetary science demos.  To read more about iPLEX’s new science education and outreach initiatives, click here to read the complete poster.



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