iPLEX-MUST Fellows Program in Planetary Science


iPLEX-MUST Fellows Program in Planetary Science


University Involvement

Host Department:
Institute for Planets and Exoplanets (iPLEX)
Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences (EPSS)
  Contact: Prof. David Jewitt, Director of iPLEX, jewitt@ucla.edu

Partnering University:
Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Contact: Prof. Kwing Chan Lam, Director Space Science Institute, klchan@must.edu.mo

The iPLEX-MUST Fellows Program
Visitors (graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty) from the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) will, through extended stays at UCLA, interact with our planetary scientists under the UCLA iPLEX (Institute for Planets and Exoplanets) umbrella.  Participants will visit in pairs (6 people per year, 2 people per academic quarter) and stay for one quarter each.  The program objective is to learn directly about the aims and the conduct of modern planetary science from established UCLA practitioners.  Fellows are expected to participate in the life of the department by attending public seminars and colloquia, and it is hope that they will take the opportunity to interact with UCLA planetary scientists in research discussions.  iPLEX Fellows will participate in the development of a scientific mini-workshop, to be held on the UCLA campus, with attendance funded through this program.

Useful Links
iPLEX:            http://planets.ucla.edu/about/
SSI/LPSL:        http://www.must.edu.mo/en/ssi-en
EPSS:            http://epss.ucla.edu/
MUST:            http://www.must.edu.mo/en/

UCLA Planetary Science-Related Faculty & Their Interests:
Vassilis Angelopoulos, Professor in EPSS, space physics, Themis, Artemis, CubeSat program
Jonathan Aurnou, Professor in EPSS, fluid dynamics, planetary convection, planetary magnetic fields, laboratory simulation
Brad Hansen, Professor in P&A, physics of planetary formation, disks, exoplanets, theory
David Jewitt, Professor in EPSS and P&A, planetary astronomy, primitive bodies, solar system formation
Jean-Luc Margot, Professor in EPSS, dynamics, radar astronomy
Kevin McKeegan, Professor in EPSS, geochemistry and cosmochemistry, solar wind, meteorites, origin of solar system
Smadar Naoz, Assistant Professor in Astronomy, planetary and stellar dynamics
William Newman, Professor in EPSS, mathematical physics, planetary dynamics
David Paige, Professor in EPSS, planetary ice, Moon, Mercury, microphysics and thermophysics of regoliths, spacecraft investigator
Gilles Peltzer, Professor in EPSS, remote sensing from orbit
Chris Russell, Professor in EPSS, space physics, magnetometers, DAWN asteroid mission
Marco Velli, Professor in EPSS, Space physics, solar physics, solar wind acceleration physics, Solar Probe
Hilke Schlichting, Associate Professor in EPSS, planetary dynamics, formation of solar system
An Yin, Professor in EPSS, planetary tectonics,  icy satellites, laboratory simulations
Edward Young, Professor in EPSS, geochemistry and cosmochemistry, origin of water

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