EYU Earth and Space Sciences Lecture Series announced

The UCLA Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences and the Institute for Planets and Exoplanets are proud to announce the first annual Earth and Space Sciences lecture series to be held during the Exploring Your Universe event on Sunday, November 17th, 2013.  Each fun-filled talk will be a half hour long, and will be given in Geology 3656 by scientists at the forefront of the Earth, planetary and space science fields. We recommend you arrive ten minutes early to make sure you get a seat.


EYU 2013 Lecture Schedule in Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences (3656 Geology)

1-1:30pm – Life in the Universe – UCLA Prof. Jean-Luc Margot

2-2:30pm – Natural Disasters: What’s Next? – UCLA Prof. Ed Rhodes

3-3:30pm – Meteorites: From the Asteroids to the Earth – UCLA Researcher Alan Rubin

4-4:30pm – Flash! Bang! Cosmic Impacts into Earth – UCLA Researcher Jean-Pierre Williams

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