Congratulations to Planetary Grad Students

Four UCLA graduate students from the departments of Earth & Space Sciences and Physics & Astronomy have been awarded fellowships which provide funding for up to 3 years of PhD research.

Recipients of the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship include Carolyn Crow for her proposal “U-Xe degassing ages of lunar zircons: a probe of lunar bombardment history”, Hao Cao for his proposal “Does Saturn have a solid core? Evidence from its magnetic field” and Julia Fang for her proposal “Main Belt and Trans-Neptunian Triples (NESSF12-Astro to Planet)”.

Jessica Watkins was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for her proposal “ Spatial and Temporal Relationships of Landslides in Valles Marineris, Mars: Constraints on their Triggering Mechanisms”.

Watch Carolyn, Hao and Julia describing their award-winning research in the videos below:

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