Annular Solar Eclipse, 2012 May 20

An annular solar eclipse is to take place this Sunday, visible from the west coast of the United States and parts of Eastern Asia.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly in between the Sun and the Earth, but its apparent diameter is smaller than that of the Sun, resulting in a very bright ring or “annulus” surrounding the dark silhouette of the Moon. In Los Angeles, the eclipse will appear as a partial eclipse with 79% of the Sun’s diameter obscured by the Moon at maximum. The eclipse will take place from 5:24pm – 7:42pm, peaking at 6:38pm. It will be the most extensive solar eclipse in Los Angeles since 1992.

Starting at 5.30pm on Sunday, the UCLA Undergraduate Astronomical Society will be at the top of Janss Steps, viewing the eclipse with solar telescopes and projectors. The viewing will be free and open to the public.





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