Sept 22 2011: At the Edges of the Solar System

Prof. Dave Trilling
Dept. Physics & Astronomy, Northern Arizona University

The small bodies of the Solar System have a story to tell about the
history of our Solar System. Near Earth Objects — asteroids whose
orbits bring them near the Earth’s orbit — are interesting both
because they sample compositions from throughout the Solar System and
because they can, and do, hit the Earth. Kuiper Belt Objects, at the
outer edge of the Solar System, are, in contrast, relatively primordial
and record the formation environment in the early Solar System. In my
talk, I will present our latest results in studies of both Near Earth
Objects and Kuiper Belt Objects, focusing on new results obtained with
data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope, and
the STEREO mission.

Trilling et al., 2010
Fuentes et al., 2010

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