April 25, 2014: GRS-like Vortices and the Chinese Chang’E 1, 2 Microwave Data

I plan to discuss two topics that I have been working on:

(1)   For Jupiter-like planets, the question of how cyclones and anticyclones (like the GRS and white ovals) are formed is not settled. I discuss computer simulations showing that both kinds of vortices can appear spontaneously in a rotating convection zone, much like the regions below the weather layers of Jupiter and Saturn.   These vortices are long-lived, and there is no need to prescribe an artificial shear to create and maintain them.

(2)   The Chinese lunar orbiters Chang’E 1 and 2 have obtained best available sets of microwave data on the moon so far. However, the two sets of data are off by 10 – 20 K, thus creating puzzle and doubts.  A correction method based on taking account of possible contamination of the low temperature calibration antennas by radiation from the lunar surface is discussed.  The disagreement can be reduced by a large factor.

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