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Using optical telescopes at the best ground-based observatories in the world, Prof. David Jewitt observes comets to better understand the evolution of the early solar system.  Prof. Jean-Luc Margot uses the Hubble Space Telescope and radar measurements taken from Arecibo Observatory to study comets and bodies with a large amount of ice that may be precursors to short-period comets.  Prof. Edward (Ned) Wright is principal investigator of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE), a satellite observatory that observes both asteroids and comets at infrared wavelengths through the NEOWISE program.


jewitt margot wright
David Jewitt Jean-Luc Margot Edward Wright

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Recent Publications

Lisse, C., Bar-Nun, A., Laufer, D., et al. (Jewitt, D.) (2013). Cometary Ices. The Science of Solar System Ices, 356, 455 p., Springer Science + Businesss Media, New York, New York.