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Atmospheres and Oceans


UCLA scientists study planetary and exoplanetary atmospheres using many different techniques including observations from ground-based observatories and spacecraft, computer simulations and numerical models, and physical analog models. Prof. Brad Hansen determines the atmospheric composition of extrasolar planets by using telescope observations of their spectra, Prof. Jonathan Mitchell uses data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to create computer simulations of the atmosphere and climate of Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Prof. Gerald Schubert‘s contributions to the field range from studies of Jupiter’s upper atmosphere to possible liquid water oceans beneath the surface of Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. Prof. Jim McWilliams creates computational models for the movement of fluid in oceans using simulations applicable for liquid oceans on the Earth and on other planets. Using a combination of numerical modeling and physical modeling, Prof. Jon Aurnou studies the complex atmospheres of the gas (Saturn, Jupiter) and ice (Neptune) giant planets in our solar system.




aurnou hansen mcwilliams mitchell
Jon Aurnou  Brad Hansen  Jim McWilliams  Jonathan Mitchell
schubert kok
Gerald Schubert Jasper Kok

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Recent Publications

Sefton-Nash, E., Teanby, N. A., Montabone, L., et al. (2013). Climatology and first-order composition estimates of mesospheric clouds from Mars Climate Sounder limb spectra. Icarus, 222(1), p. 342 – 356.