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IOTMN Program & Event Materials


All events to take place on the 9th floor (rooftop) of UCLA’s Mathematical Sciences Building. Exact Address: 520 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095 (the 9th floor/rooftop). If you arrive at the Planetarium located on the 8th floor, take the stairs adjacent to the entrance to get to the 9th floor.

6:30PMRaquel Nuno (UCLA Graduate Student/Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) – Presentation of Moon dust brought back from the Apollo missions.
6:45PMMichelle Jordan (UCLA Graduate Student) & Ali Schneider (UCLA Graduate Student) – Presentation of a Lunar Meteorite Slab.
7:00-9:00PMObserve the Moon – Join UCLA Graduate Students and Faculty in observing the Moon firsthand with the 14″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope and various portable telescopes!