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EYU 2014 Program and Lecture Schedule

Below is the lecture and workshop schedule for EYU 2014. You can also download the 2014 EYU program, which includes a list of activities and a campus map.

Physics and Chemistry in the World Around Us (Kinsey Pavilion 1200)

Times Name Department Talk Title
12-12:30pm Wes Campbell Physics A Clockwork Ultraviolet and The Science of Keeping Time
1-1:30pm Smadar Naoz Astronomy A Journey to the Edge of the Universe (Is there an Edge of the Universe?)
2-2:30pm Geoff Marcy Astronomy (UC Berkeley) The Search for Habitable Worlds and Intelligent Life in the Universe
3-3:30pm Andrea Ghez Astronomy The Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy
4-4:30pm Richard Kaner Chemistry Fun with Plastics!


Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences (Kinsey Pavilion 1220)

Times Name Department Talk Title
12:30-1pm William J. Schopf Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Earth’s Oldest Fossils and the Search for Past Life on Mars
1:30-2pm Erin Burkett United States Geological Survey If You Knew the Earthquake was Coming…
3:30-4pm David Paige Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Mars 2020 Rover Ground Penetrating Radar
4:30-5pm Anthony Friscia Ecology and Evolutionary Biology What is, and is not, a Dinosaur?


Sustainability and the Environment (Kinsey Pavilion 1240)

Times Name Department Talk Title
1-1:30pm Daniel Dauhajre & Baird Langenbrunner Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences The Current California Drought and Climate Change: Are They Related?
2-2:30pm Paul Scott Plug In America The Case for Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy
3-3:30pm Paul Barber Ecology and Evolutionary Biology CO2, the Oceans, and You
4-4:30pm Ben Zuckerman Astronomy Population, Consumption, Overshoot


K-12 Educator Workshop (Moore Hall 100)

Times Name Department Talk Title
12:30-1:30pm Jeffrey Bennett Astronomer, Author On Teaching Science
1:45-2:15pm Leah Hanes United States Geological Survey Trash for Teaching Demos in Your Classroom
2:30-3:20pm Deborah Pires UCLA CEILS Engaging Students Through Questions:
Simple Rules and Tools for Active Learning
3:30-4pm Gary Glesener Modeling and Educational Demonstrations Laboratory Teaching with Physical Analog Models:
Insights From Education Research