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The Asteroid-Meteorite Connection Workshop Program

The following is the finalized conference program, but may be subject to minor changes. All talks will take place in the Cypress Room on the lower level of the UCLA Faculty Center. See program below for more details.

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Day 1 – Thursday, April 21, 2016

8:30am 30 min Continental Breakfast/Coffee                                                              (Cypress Room, UCLA Faculty Center)
9:00am 10 min Welcome/Opening Remarks Edward Young                    (University of California Los Angeles)

Linking Meteorites To Asteroids

9:10am 50 min Primitive asteroids and carbonaceous chondrites: Mapping primitive materials in the inner Solar System (PDF) Julia de Leon                     (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias)
10:00am 25 min Linking outer Main-Belt asteroids with carbonaceous chondrites (PDF) Driss Takir                             (USGS – Flagstaff)
10:25am 15 min Mid-morning Break/Discussion
10:40am 25 min Laser space weathering of meteorites: A method to link them to asteroids (PDF) Jeffrey Gillis-Davis (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
11:10am 25 min Linking meteorites and asteroids: Visible-shortwave infrared (VSWIR) microimaging spectroscopy as a tool for rapid non-destructive assay of infrared spectral properties  (PDF) Bethany Ehlmann (California Institute of Technology)
11:30am 25 min Euphrosyne: A pathway for primitive material into near Earth space (PDF) Joseph Masiero                  (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
11:55am 25 min From what orbits do meteorites of different types impact Earth? (PDF) Peter Jenniskens            (SETI Institute)
12:20pm 70 min Lunch at UCLA Faculty Club


1:30pm 50 min Filling in the gaps: Xenoliths in meteorites are samples of “missing” asteroid lithologies (PDF) Mike Zolensky                (NASA Johnson Space Center)
2:20pm 25 min The foreign clast populations of anomalous polymict Ureilite Almahata Sitta and typical polymict ureilites (PDF) Cyrena Goodrich               (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
2:45pm 25 min Why do meteorites come from such a small set of asteroids? (PDF) John Wasson                 (University of California Los Angeles)
3:10pm 25 min Collisional heating of chondritic asteroids (PDF) Alan Rubin                     (University of California Los Angeles)
3:35pm 15 min Afternoon Break/Discussion

Planetesimal Evolution

3:50pm 25 min Measurement of thermal properties of ordinary chondrites relevant to high-temperature asteroidal processes (PDF) Kaitlyn McCain    (University of California Los Angeles)
4:15pm 25 min Accretion of chondrules formed by impact jetting in magnetically induced turbulent solar nebula (PDF) Yasuhiro Hasegawa           (Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology)
4:40pm 25 min Origin of volatile element depletion in planetesimals (PDF) Emily Pringle               (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)
5:10pm 25 min Equilibrium metal-silicate Fe isotope fractionation and the implications for planetesimal differentiation (PDF) Michelle Jordan           (University of California Los Angeles)
5:35pm 25 min Volatiles on Vesta indicated by Dawn observations and the HED meteorites (PDF) Jennifer Scully           (University of California Los Angeles)
6:00pm Day 1 End
7:00pm Conference Dinner: Location TBD. Casual attire. Transportation is available from the UCLA campus shuttle (see map for pick-up and drop-off locations) to the dinner. The campus shuttle runs from 7am -7pm; dinner attendees will be responsible for their own transportation after dinner.


Day 2 – Friday, April 22, 2016

8:30am 30 min Continental Breakfast/Coffee                                                          (Cypress Room, UCLA Faculty Center)
9:00am 5 min Opening Remarks Edward Young            (University of California Los Angeles)

The Role of Water

9:05am 50 min Is the Orgueil meteorite cometary? (PDF) Matthieu Gounelle (Institut Universitaire de France/Museum National d’Historie Naturelle)
9:55am 25 min A continuum of aqueous alteration among carbonaceous chondrites (PDF) Edward Young           (University of California Los Angeles)
10:20am 15 min Mid-morning Break/Dicussion
10:35am 50 min The asteroid-meteorite connection: Where does Ceres fit in? Julie Castillo-Rogez           (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
11:20am 25 min Comparing spacecraft and laboratory analog spectra to determine the compositions of Phobos and Deimos (PDF) Abigail Fraeman               (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
11:45am 25 min Dormant comets in the NEO Population: A Meteoric Perspective (PDF) Quan-Zhi Ye             (University of Western Ontario)
12:10pm 80 min Lunch at UCLA Faculty Club

Beyond the Solar System

1:55pm 25 min From planetesimal to planet: How does stellar composition affect exoplanet composition? (PDF) Cayman Unterborn         (Ohio State University)
1:55pm 25 min Polluted white dwarfs: The compositions of extrasolar planetesimals (PDF) Edward Young            (University of California Los Angeles)
2:15pm 15 min Discussion and Wrap-Up
2:30pm Day 2 End