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PDHM 2013 Program

Each session will include invited talks (30 min) and contributed talks (15 min). The following is the finalized conference program, but may be subject to minor changes.  All talks will take place in Royce 314 in Royce Hall on the UCLA campus.

Day 1 – February 4, 2013

8:00am 30 min Breakfast/Coffee
8:30am 10 min Conference Welcome David Paige – University of California, Los Angeles | Video
8:40am 10 min Welcome from the Dean Joe Rudnick – Dean of Physical Sciences, UCLA

Current Mars Liquid Water Activity

Chair: Alfred McEwen

8:50am 5 min Session Introduction
8:55am 30 min Invited Talk: Behavior of Briny Water at the Phoenix Landing Site Selby Cull – Bryn Mawr College | Video | PDF
9:25am 15 min Thin Liquid Water Films on Present-Day Mars Akos Kereszturi (remote presenter) – Research Center for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungary | Video | PDF
9:40am 15 min Assessing Habitability: Lessons from the Phoenix Mission Carol Stoker – NASA Ames Research Center | Video | PDF
9:55pm 15 min Laboratory Experiments to Study the Martian Water Vapor Cycle Harvey Elliott – University of Michigan | Video | PDF
10:10am 30 min Invited Talk: Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL): Flow of Briny Water on Present-Day Mars? Alfred McEwen – LPL/University of Arizona | Video | PDF
10:40am 15 min Spectral Constraints on the Nature and Formation Mechanism of Recurring Slope Lineae Lujendra Ojha – Georgia Institute of Technology | Video | PDF
10:55am 15 min Mid-morning Break
11:10am 15 min Formation of Recurrent Slope Lineae (RSL) by Freshwater Discharge of Melted Cold Traps David Stillman – Southwest Research Institute | Video | PDF
11:25am 15 min Mass Balance Constraints on the Sustainability of Mars’ Recurrent Slope Lineae (RSL): Should RSL be an Astrobiology Priority? Edwin Kite – California Institute of Technology | Video | PDF
11:40am 30 min Invited Talk: Stability and Activity of Liquid Brines on Present-Day Mars Vincent Chevrier – University of Arkansas | Video | PDF
12:10pm 15 min Present-Day Liquid Water on Mars: Theoretical Expectations, Observational Evidence, and Preferred Locations German Martinez – University of Michigan | Video | PDF
12:25pm 15 min Temporary Liquid Interfacial Water in the Upper Surface of Mars Jean-Pierre de Vera (for Diedrich Mohlmann) – DLR/German Aerospace Center | Video | PDF
12:40pm 15 min Thermodynamic Stability of Liquid Water on Present-Day Mars: Surface Retrievals from the Mars Climate Sounder Paul Hayne – Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Video | PDF
12:55pm 60 min Lunch

Early MSL Results

Chair: Ashwin Vasavada

1:55pm 60 min Invited Talk: The Mars Science Laboratory Mission: Early Results from Gale Crater Ashwin Vasavada – Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology | Video | PDF

Mars Salts and Perchlorates

Chair: Selby Cull

2:55pm 5 min Session Introduction
3:00pm 30 min Invited Talk: Formation of Perchlorate on Mars David Catling – University of Washington | Video | PDF
3:30pm 30 min Invited Talk: The Formation and Stability of Perchlorate Liquid Brines on Mars Raina Gough – University of Colorado | Video | PDF
4:00pm 15 min Afternoon Break
4:15pm 30 min Invited Talk: The Phoenix Mars Lander Wet Chemistry Laboratory: New Results for Perchlorate and its Implications for Water, Organics, and Life Sam Kounaves – Tufts University | Video | PDF
4:45pm 15 min Water Uptake of Calcium Perchlorate: An Investigation of Stable Aqueous Solutions Relevant to Mars Danielle Nuding – University of Colorado, Boulder | Video | PDF
5:00pm 15 min Character of Mg(ClO4)2 Brines Under Mars Regolith Conditions Aaron Zent – NASA Ames Research Center | Video | PDF
5:15pm 15 min Closing Remarks and Discussion David Paige – University of California, Los Angeles | Video
5:30pm Day 1 Talks End
7:00pm Conference Dinner: Skylight Gardens – 1139 Glendon Ave  Los Angeles, CA 90024 –
(310) 824-1818.  Nice casual attire. Transportation is available from the UCLA campus shuttle (see map for pick-up and drop-off locations) to the dinner.  The campus shuttle runs from 7am -7pm; dinner attendees will be responsible for their own transportation after dinner.  For those who are driving, valet parking and street parking are available (meters run until 8pm in Westwood).


Day 2 – February 5, 2013

8:30am 30 min Breakfast/Coffee

Mars Salts and Perchlorates (cont’d)

Chair: Selby Cull

9:00am 5 min Session Introduction
9:05am 30 min Invited Talk: Aqueous extract of a Mars analogue regolith that mimics the Phoenix landing site does not inhibit spore germination or growth of model spacecraft contaminants Bacillus subtilis 168 and B. pumilus SAFR-032 Wayne Nicholson (remote presenter) – University of Florida | Video | PDF
9:35am 15 min Growth of Methanogens in the Presence of Perchlorates: Implications for Life on Mars Timothy Kral – University of Arkansas | Video | PDF
9:50am 15 min Dissimilatory Perchlorate Reduction Linked to Cryptic Aerobic Methane Oxidation: A Possible Scenario for Life on Mars Laurence Miller – USGS | Video | PDF
10:05am 15 min Possibilities for Life on Mars – A Surprising New Microbe Robert Clark (remote presenter) – Widener University | PDF
10:20am 15 min Freezing and Evaporation Modeling of WCL Solutions Using FREZCHEM Model and GWB Geochemical Work Bench Amira Elsenousy – University of Arkansas | Video | PDF
10:35am 15 min Hygroscopicity and Present Habitability on Mars Dirk Schulze-Makuch (remote presenter) – Washington State University | Video | PDF
10:50am 15 min Mid-morning Break
11:05am 15 min Subsurface Mineral-water Reservoir on Mars Alian Wang (remote presenter) – Washington University, St. Louis | Video | PDF
11:20am 15 min Experimental Formation and Persistence of Metastable Aqueous Salt Solutions on Mars Jonathan Toner – Unversity of Washington | Video | PDF
11:35am 15 min Regional Prevalence of Fe-Sulfates on Mars Suniti Karunatillake – Louisiana State University | Video | PDF

Redox Potentials for Martian Life

Chair: Claire Cousins

11:50am 5 min Session Introduction
11:55am 30 min Invited Talk: Present-day Uninhabited Habitats on Mars Charles Cockell (remote presenter) – University of Edinburgh | Video | PDF
12:25pm 75 min Lunch
1:40pm 30 min Invited Talk: Plausible Microbial Metabolisms on Mars Claire Cousins (remote presenter) – Birbeck College, University of London | Video | PDF
2:10pm 30 min Invited Talk: Energy Sources and Metabolic Rates for Life on Mars Chris McKay (remote presenter) – NASA Ames Research Center | Video | PDF
2:40pm 15 min Metabolic Activity of Microorganisms During and After Simulated Mars-like Conditions – What Do We Learn about the Habitability of the Red Planet? Jean-Pierre de Vera – German Aerospace Center/DLR | Video | PDF
2:55pm 15 min Geologic and Energetic Constraints of Anaerobic Methane Oxidation on Mars Jeffrey Marlow – California Institute of Technology | Video | PDF
3:10pm 15 min Afternoon Break

Implications for Mars Planetary Protection Policies

Chair: Cassie Conley

3:25pm 5 min Session Introduction
3:30pm 30 min Invited Talk: Life Detection and Planetary Protection
Cassie Conley and Gerhard Kminek – NASA Headquarters and European Space Agency | Video | PDF
4:00pm 30 min Invited Talk: Growth and Ultrastructure of Bacteria in 7 mbar, 0° C, and CO2-enriched Anoxic Atmospheres: Implications for the Forward Contamination of Mars Andrew Schuerger (remote presenter) – University of Florida | Video | PDF
4:30pm 15 min Survival of Halophiles at Mars-Simulated Conditions Alla Bryanskaya (remote presenter) – Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University | PDF | Slides
4:45pm 30 min Invited Talk: Planetary Protection and its Application to JPL Missions J. Andy Spry – Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Video | PDF
5:15pm 15 min Closing Remarks and Discussion David Paige – University of California, Los Angeles | Video
5:30pm Day 2 Talks End


Day 3 – February 6, 2013

10:00am Leave from UCLA Guest House for JPL Field Trip (lunch provided)
4:00pm Return to campus