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Ices and Organics in the Inner Solar System Conference 2012


Water, organics and other volatiles are widely distributed throughout the inner solar system. For example, we find volatiles in the interiors of terrestrial planets and asteroids, as solids in the cryospheres, polar caps and permanently shadowed regions of planets and asteroids, as liquids on the surface of Earth and possibly on Mars, as gases in atmospheres and exospheres and in icy objects recently scattered to the inner solar system from beyond the snow line. Volatiles have played a key role in determining the properties and evolution of inner solar system bodies, and are central to the origin and evolution of life. Despite this, our understanding of their sources and evolution is far from complete.

The UCLA Institute for Planets and Exoplanets (iPLEX) will host a two-day interdisciplinary conference on the nature, distribution, origin and evolution of frozen volatiles and organics in the inner solar system. Topics will include:

  • Polar ice and permafrost on planets and asteroids
  • Delivery of terrestrial planet atmospheres and oceans
  • Water and organics in comets
  • Liquid water habitats in the inner solar system

The conference format will include summary talks as well as contributed papers, with time set aside for discussion and questions. Attendance is limited to 60 participants and registration is required.