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GAFD 2013 Program

The following is the finalized conference program, but may be subject to minor changes. Laboratory tutorials will take place in the SPINLab (Geology 5688) and Geology 5638, and all talks will take place in 3853 Slichter Hall on the 3rd floor of the Geology building (past the T-Rex head and iPLEX office) on the UCLA campus. See program below for more details. Printer-friendly version.


Day 1 – Wednesday, June 26, 2013

8:30am 30 min Continental Breakfast/Coffee (3853 Slichter Hall)
9:00am 10 min Opening Remarks Jonathan Aurnou and Michael Le Bars (SPINLab/UCLA)

Laboratory Tutorials

Workshop participants will be divided into three groups will rotate in 50-minute sessions between three laboratory tutorial sessions which will run simultaneously. Each session and its location are listed below.

Laboratory Simulations of Rotating Magnetoconvection – SPINLab (Geology 5688)

Rotating Flows with Harmonic Forcing: Zonal Flows to Turbulence – SPINLab (Geology 5688)

Stratified Rotating Fluid Dynamics on a Very Nice Record Player – Geology 5638

9:10am 50 min Laboratory Tutorial Session I Jonathan Cheng & Adolfo Ribeiro (SPINLab/UCLA)
10:00am 20 min Mid-morning Break
10:20am 50 min Laboratory Tutorial Session II Jonathan Aurnou & Alexander Grannan (SPINLab/UCLA)
11:10am 50 min Laboratory Tutorial Session III  Michael Le Bars & Mickael Bosco (UCLA – SPINLab/IRPHE – Marseilles)
12:00pm 80 min Lunch at UCLA Faculty Club

Theory Tutorials (3853 Slichter Hall)

1:20pm 75 min The Elemental Shear Dynamo Jim McWilliams (UCLA – Dept. of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences)
2:35pm 15 min Afternoon Break
2:50pm 75 min Rotationally Constrained Flows. A Review of Quasi-Geostrophy and its Applications Keith Julien (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)
4:05pm 75 min Stratified Flow Past an Obstacle Kraig Winters (UC San Diego)
5:20pm Day 1 End
7:00pm Conference Dinner: Sunset Canyon Recreational Facility – Lower Picnic Area (map). Casual attire. Transportation is available from the UCLA campus shuttle (see map for pick-up and drop-off locations) to the dinner. The campus shuttle runs from 7am -7pm; dinner attendees will be responsible for their own transportation after dinner.


Day 2 – Thursday, June 27, 2013

8:30am 30 min Continental Breakfast/Coffee (3853 Slichter Hall)

Research Talks (3853 Slichter Hall)

9:00am 10 min Understanding Exchanges Across Stratified/Convective Zones Interfaces Michael Le Bars (UCLA/IRPHE(Marseille))
9:10am 25 min Internal Gravity Waves in Massive Stars Tamara Rogers (Univ. of Arizona)
9:35am 25 min Horizontal Shear in the Rotating, Stratified Ocean: Linear Theory and Nonlinear Evolution Eric Arobone (UC San Diego)
10:00am 25 min Baroclinic Critical Layers and Zombie Vorticies in Couette-Taylor Flow Phil Marcus (UC Berkeley)
10:25am 20 min Mid-morning Break
10:45am 25 min Instabilities of Stratified Cylinder Wake Mickael Bosco (UCLA/IRPHE(Marseille))
11:10am 25 min Longevity of Barocilinic Vortices Pedram Hassanzadeh (UC Berkeley)
11:35am 25 min From Internal Tides in the Ocean to Turbulence: Numerical Experiments Sutanu Sarkar (UC San Diego)
12:00pm 75 min Lunch at UCLA Faculty Club
1:15pm 25 min Why did the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption cloud last so long? Mark Jellinek (Univ. of British Columbia)
1:40pm 10 min Stability of Metal Diapir at High Reynolds Number Jean-baptiste Wacheul (ENS Paris/UCLA)
1:50pm 10 min Resonance Effects in Librationally-Driven Flows Alex Grannan (UCLA)
2:00pm 25 min Inverse Cascade in Anisotropic Flows Raffaele Marino (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
2:25pm 25 min Low-Dimensional Modeling of Turbulent Convection Roll Dynamics Eric Brown (UC Merced)
2:50pm 10 min Low Aspect Ratio, Rapidly Rotating Convection Jonathan Cheng (UCLA)
3:00pm 20 min Afternoon Break
3:20pm 25 min An Efficient Numerical Framework to Study Fluid Dynamics in Spherical and Cylindrical Geometries Philippe Marti (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)
3:45pm 25 min Seeing Asymptotic Modeling Through the Lens of Wall-Localized Thermal Convection Geoff Vasil (Univ. of Sydney)
4:10pm 25 min A Pressurized Cryogenic Nitrogen Cell to Study Rotating Turbulent Convection Enrico Fonda (New York University)
4:35pm 25 min Rotating Magnetoconvection Experiments Eric King (UC Berkeley)
5:00pm Day 2 End


Day 3 – Friday, June 28, 2013

8:30am 30 min Continental Breakfast/Coffee (3853 Slichter Hall)

Research Talks Continued (3853 Slichter Hall)

9:00am 10 min Building Robust Models of Natural Dynamos Jonathan Aurnou (UCLA)
9:10am 10 min SFEMaNS-T: A New Tool for Studies of Core-Style MHD Turbulence Adolfo Ribeiro (UCLA)
9:20am 25 min Hemispherically Asymmetric Convection Under Symmetric Boundaries Hao Cao (UCLA)
9:45am 25 min Boussinesq and Anelastic Numerical Models of Rotating Convection with Applications to Giant Planets Moritz Heimpel (Univ. of Alberta)
10:10am 20 min Mid-morning Break
10:30am 25 min On the Development of a Scalable Fully-Implicit Stabilized Unstructured FE Capability for Resistive MHD with Integrated Adjoint Error-Estimate John Shadid (Sandia National Laboratories)
10:55am 25 min Plasma and Liquid Sodium Laboratory Dynamo Experiments at UW Madison Chris Cooper (Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison)
11:20am 10 min Discussion and Closing Remarks Jonathan Aurnou and Michael Le Bars (SPINLab/UCLA)
11:30am Day 3 End
12:00pm 75 min Lunch