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UCLA Seminars

This Week at UCLA

Highlighted below are planetary talks to take place this week at UCLA. Grayed out events have already occurred. For a full quarterly schedule, please visit the individual seminar pages.

05/22/17 12:00pm
UCLA, Geology 3853
UCLA Geocheminar
Speaker: Jeanine Ash (UCLA)
Talk Title: "Tracing the deep biosphere methane cycle with fully resolved isotopologues of 13CH3D and 12CH2D2" -Calendar Link-
05/25/17 3:30pm
UCLA, Geology 3656
UCLA EPSS Colloquium
Speaker: An Yin (UCLA)
Talk Title: Did Plate Tectonics Operate On Early Earth At 3.5-2.0 Ga? -Calendar Link-
05/26/17 12:00pm
UCLA, Geology 3814
UCLA iPLEX Lunch Seminar
Speaker: Yoonyoung Kim (Seoul National University)
Talk Title: P/2010 A2: Impact Shattering on an Asteroid -Calendar Link-
05/26/17 3:30pm
UCLA, Geology 6704
UCLA EPSS Space Physics Seminar
Speaker: San Lu
Talk Title: Three-D Global Hybrid Simulations of Magnetotail Current Sheet and its Dawn-Dusk Asymmetry -Calendar Link-